Geotra features

Geotra Modules

Geotra modules include the Geotra Core, Public App, Driver App, Timetable printing and Journey Analytics. Together they are a single integrated system that combines existing cloud, mobile, dynamic mapping / GIS, GPS and web technologies to deliver powerful and secure data management, publication tools and real-time information exchange for all App users.

Timetable Management

Geotra Core includes a module for interactive, map based timetable management. Use it to take full control of the consistency, completeness and accuracy of your Stop, Route and Timetable data in a single secure data storage environment. Continuously monitor data accuracy and make changes as they occur.

Instantly publish electronic copies of your timetables to relevant parties such bus operations or other industry bodies in standard TransXchange or other formats. Use tools to print fully formatted and branded timetables to post at stops, saving considerable time and money over manual approaches.

Real time Information

Live information exchange is the foundation of Geotra, empowering passengers to make better travel decisions increases convenience and service use. Devices in buses loaded with the Geotra Driver App and passenger’s using the Public App continuously communicate via the Geotra Content Management Systems in the cloud.

Passengers are less interested that their service is running late, more that they know where their service is and that they won’t miss it. Pick it up at an earlier stop or switch routes to arrive earlier?

Dynamic Journey Planning

The Geotra Public App broadens the appeal of transport services to a wider and potentially younger population by making dynamic journey planning available to anyone with access to a smartphone or the web. That means fully informed travel decisions for passengers wherever and whenever they want, reducing waiting time, increasing convenience and encouraging greater use of transport services.

Immediate answers to questions - Where is my bus? Where is the nearest stop? When will it arrive? - simple to ask and clearly answered.

Integrate your data

High quality data management is core to Geotra. Import timetable and stop data from sources such as NAPTAN, TransXchange and Traveline and store them within Geotra Core. 

Geotra have developed methods and processes that clean even the most poorly managed information - a challenge and requirement for almost every transport operator.

Simple Implementation

Geotra is an existing and ‘ready to go’ system that uses off-the-shelf technologies, without the need for expensive hardware installations at stops, stations or information points.

Geotra does not require risky and time-consuming design and development. Your customer facing Public App, Driver App, Journey Analytics and Timetable management can be up and running quickly and easily, simply by loading your existing service data.

Passenger Insights

Geotra includes a Journey Analytics module. As buses move and app users travel, Geotra captures GPS, route and speed data. Use it to identify ways to increase passenger numbers using insights into service use and passenger behaviour.

Answer questions that would otherwise be difficult to ask; how many passengers are using services? Where did passing 9ers get on or off? How far can somebody reach using public transport from this location at this time?

Your System, Your Brand

Geotra is the system, workflows and framework we provide to you as a service operator in order for you to operate the best services you can. 

You brand the app, web and tablet interface for passengers as you want – completely in-line with your own corporate look and feel.