In the autumn of 2013 Powys County Council identified the need to find ways to improve passenger services – both through the way their passengers engaged with and used scheduled services and what they could learn through analytics to develop services – ultimately to increase the use of bus services. The Geosho Platform provided an ideal foundation for a solution – combining a web system for capture, storage and publication of bus services, routes, stops and maps together with a web or smartphone app interface for the public.

The service was launched in mid-2014. During its first year over 600 thousand miles of bus travel were recorded through standard smartphone devices mounted on the bus driver’s dashboard. Today the public facing app works across all mobile platforms, is easy for the public to use and even provides intelligent updates to the public based on learnt patterns such as school runs and market days that have an impact on services and locations.

The app has now been rolled out across Powys as ‘Bwsiti’. Feedback is positive – there is little or no IT set-up making it easy to implement and use; the public can see the locations of buses on a map in real time together with estimated arrival times on Apps on Android and iOS devices. And because passenger journeys are recorded and stored, Powys have data to analyse and improve service provision and increase efficiency.

Cabinet Member for Highways, Councillor John Brunt said;

“The system means Powys staff will be able to publish transport information to passengers almost instantly via the App. So if a local bus service has to be diverted because of a flooded road or accident, the Geotra system can be updated and a message can be pushed out via the public App.

Geotra is a complete timetable, journey management and publication system for organisations looking to increase passenger numbers. Users are empowered and engaged via their smartphones and that can only be good news for public transport.”


Download the app for iOS (Click here) or Android (Click here).